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I posted the origianal question about the Meyer Lemon tree.

Leaf drop is a common condition with citrus trees. It is also common when plants have been outside during moderate weather and then are brought indoors for the winter. The sudden change in conditions is a"shock" to the plant and a typical response is for it to drop leaves. Dec 27, Hello I just recently bought myself a beautiful lemon tree when I got it it was in good health it had hundreds of tiny little flower buds about 1mm big now they are the size of peas to marbles and some have started opening.

But the leaves are starting to shrivel up and the are falling. Mar 17, Leaf droop is characterized by the abnormal sagging or downward bending of a plant’s foliage. If the leaves of your lemon tree are drooping, they may retain their deep green color but appear to be tired or limp, and lack their usual perky and upturned form.

Wish this was my idea, but it wasn't.

Leaf droop on a lemon tree is usually one of the first signs of sudden treemulch.clubted Reading Time: 7 mins. Jul 01, 10 Reasons and Remedies for Lemon Tree Leaf Drop. 1. Overwatering.

Many times, the reason for lemon trees dropping their leaves is simply overwatering. To avoid this common issue, evaluate your watering schedule and readjust to a more suitable amount of water for lemon trees. New lemon trees need watering on alternate days for the first few weeks. May 06, It sounds like winter leaf drop Millet has told us about --caused by cold roots and exposure to direct sunlight -- plus a possibility of overwatering (soil gnats are an indication).

Even though I have supplemental light on them, they start dropping leaves when they come indoors.

Put a thermometer in the soil, do not expose it to sun unless the soil temp is over Oct 10, In lemon trees deficient in certain key nutrients, such as magnesium and iron, leaf drop can occur. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency include yellowing or bronzing of leaves.

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